References IIIb: BTR Rechtsanwaelte GmbH

Construction and architectural law
Construction and architectural law is edited by senior partner and attorney Ronald Schneehagen. Mr. Ronald Schneehagen has over 20 years of proven expert in construction and architectural law. He also leads the certified specialist in this area of law and is an expert of advisory services during construction and project management. The clients of lawyer Ronald include banks, project developers, construction companies, investors, architects, non-profit organizations, private builders and the public sector.

Law in the field of sports consulting, BTR Profisport
As one of the few law firms the Berlin office of BTR Rechtsanwaelte is also active in the field of sports consulting.

The Department for these obligations BTR Profisport advises professional athletes including from the fields soccer, athletics and boxing.

The firm has contracted currently young soccer players from Ghana, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Austria, Poland and Germany and supports them in building up a professional sports career.